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As of the beginning of June, very little progress has been made.  As you can see, the windows have been framed and the roof rafters completed. Who knew that Murfreesboro would skyrocket into the 6th fastest growing city IN THE NATION!  The man who said he would do this project […]


Our trailer came in March.  What an eventful day!  My son was so excited and happened to be home from school that day.  His excitement turned into his slipping on the trailer frame, busting open the side of his face, and me almost fainting in front of the man who […]

A Beautiful Box

I had a lot of questions about my tiny house and the legality of it.  Is it a house?  Is it an RV?  How do I get insurance?  If everyone starts building these things and someone’s falls apart driving down the road and kills someone, will the government step in […]

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