Our AirBnB Experience

For the past four months, we have had our tiny house on AirBnB, and I cannot say enough good things about it!  The process to set up the listing was simple, and they really take care of everything.  They handle the reservations/cancellations and all the money.  All I have to do is accept requests for people to stay in the house and keep it clean and stocked for their arrival.  (I provide a small breakfast, but you don’t have to.)

The AirBnB website provides natural community and accountability.  The person who stays in the house leaves a review on the host, and the host leaves a review on them.  If they want to continue to be accepted to stay in other people’s homes, it is in their best interest to be a good guest in your place.  Of all of the 20+ guests that we have had so far, we have only had one bad experience.  (That one was someone here locally who wanted to stay for the experience and booked through AirBnB, but I don’t think they care about using AirBnB again because they never left us a review or read the one we wrote for them. )

Our house is located in our driveway–not my ideal location, but it works best for the water and electric hookups and for not getting stuck in the yard (see the photo time line pic).  Because it is its own separate place with a keypad lock on the door, I don’t even usually see or hear our guests.  They come and go, and AirBnB deposits money in my bank account.  What an amazing experience!  It is soooo nice for something to be easy after all the hard work of building!