The Tiny House Journey Begins

This past summer as we were returning home from visiting family in New Hampshire, the thought hit me:  Why don’t we get a house in New Hampshire that we can stay in for a few weeks a year?  I felt very strongly that this would be great for our family in so many ways.  However, the idea of buying a vacation home was scary because we are certainly not rolling in money.

Then I happened to see a show about tiny homes, and again a light bulb went off in my head.  Here’s a house that can be built debt-free, and, even better, it’s portable!  That totally eliminates all the risk.  I was sold on the idea, but I wanted to see it in person.

I started to do more research and found a couple of tiny home companies displayed prominently on the internet, but, amazingly, there were none here in the Nashville area.  How do I know if I want to build it if I can’t see it?

That was the beginning of the journey. I am now on a mission to build a tiny home for people to experience here in middle Tennessee.  I don’t know if it will ever go to New Hampshire, but at least we can help meet a need here.

I have gathered a lot of ideas from the internet (specifically from Deek Diedricksen and Tiny House Giant Journey) and bought  a video series from Andrew Morrison and a couple of books, and we are off and running.  The tiny home build has begun!